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A Solid Foundation

.. thought to illuminate some of the unsung hours of effort that go into building and running Bella Bohemian. At the moment, I am hacking* (think of LifeHacker) on

  • optimizing our web site so that it is only found when someone searches for what we have to offer
  • making it user-friendly and easy to use
  • optimizing the time it takes to load content - for that I need to delve a bit into everything from web development to web hosting

    The reason I mention this is also to ask you for your feedback in terms of what you like about the site, what you don't like, perhaps what product or service you'd like to see added, and whether you've come across anything that's broken outright.

    Also I want you to see that we are real people, not plastic, not corporate and certainly not perfect.

    Once these points come to a reasonable conclusion, Rhonya & I can work on procuring more life-enhancing treasures for you. Then again, we're not in a hurry but instead are more interested in enjoying what we're doing ...


    *I take pride in the fact that I am self-taught when it comes to e.g. Linux, building servers, networking, security, HTML5, CSS, ... that's the real definition of what a hacker is. The media has been giving the term hacker a bad name, as they're using it incorrectly when they are actually referring to a cracker: a malicious hacker who breaks into systems and causes damage or mayham in some way.

    Detlev Obst

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