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Botanica - Artificial

Currently the Botanica Collection consists of inorganic or faux plants made from latex rubber. In the near future we will also carry organic plants. Each has their own charm, character and use.

Artificial plants don't require planting, soil or watering or specific environmental conditions but may need occasional dusting. They spruce up any space with their colors, shapes and textures.

Organic plants are much more vibrant but also require care. In this mutual relationship, they exchange fresher air and sometimes a fragrant presence.

In either case, our plants can be enjoyed personally or given as gifts. Since our artificial plants come in boxes of six usually, these can be traded with your friends if not split up among your various rooms at home.

Incidentally you might just find a planter, pot or vase here to complete your design idea - use Search (planter OR vase).

Have fun!

Please make sure you or the recipient of your gift is not allergic to latex!

We take pride in our handmade products displayed in this section. This human element is what sets up apart from mass-production! All handmade products are very likely going to vary to some degree in color, texture, material or size. Variations and imperfections are normal and are not considered flaws.
faux latex plant - several branches with tiny white flowers on single stem
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faux latex plant - dark gray flower on stem
faux latex plant - two yellow multi-blossom flowers on single stem
faux latex plant - two rusty orange egg-shaped blossoms on single stem
faux latex plant - large green open blossom on stem
faux latex plant - two blossoms yellow pistil with green outer leaves on stem
faux latex plant - large orange blossom on stem
faux latex plant - green upward looking leaves on a stem
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