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Halloween Decorations - Indoor & Outdoor

Something new for you this year is a variety Halloween decor items to show the spirit of this season in and around your home. Indoor and outdoor decorations include gargoyles, skeletons, dark angels, celtic and gothic crosses, zombies, mummies, scarecrows, skulls and various other such sculptures and emotion evoking wall art.

Create a Halloween experience with creatures from the world of the dark and unknowable ...


Many a Halloween decor could also be part of a fantasy or gothic decor that isn't limited to the Halloween season. The Ent, gargoyles and scarecrows for example can be placed in your yard year round, provided they're not exposed to extreme (100°F vs. 30°F) weather and UV.

gargoyle perched on shelf holding translucent orb
horned demon behind RIP tombstone with fence background
gargoyle sitting in backyard with its hands on the left knee
guardian angel - angled front view
witch weathervane mounted in garden
tombstone embraced by grim reaper with trees in background
evil scarecrow statue standing in yard with arms stretched out
angry ent tree creature standing in garden
9 in stock
wall sculpture of the creeper seen on wall
black skull chair showing female model
6 in stock
Skull Chair
lifelike gargoyle wall light
1 in stock
butterfly winged skull with gold and red crown
dark angel lying back over a crypt below celtic cross
halloween gargoyle climbing a wall looking back
halloween grim reaper throne - life size
6 in stock
halloween grim reaper statue holding orb of light
black skull with glass table top - example setting
halloween mummy statue
halloween zombie emerging from the ground
Emerging Zombie
From $108.00
white metal scarecrow yard stake
two black iron crows one holding a pumpkin