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Wood & Iron Door Wall Hanging


🌎 Ships to contiguous US only

Chances are by looking at this piece of art, a reclaimed wood door, you already have a pretty good idea of how you'll show it off in your home. It's just a matter of pushing the button.

There are various options for how to mount these individual wooden doors:

  • a wall hanging
  • hung from the ceiling
  • or possibly mounted on hinges if you're really industrious ...

While we cannot guarantee a specific size, each can be used as-is or further refined to suit your needs.

19.5" W x 3" D x 73" H
Sizes and designs will always vary widely.

Many handmade items will exhibit variations in color, texture, size and/or material. These variations may be natural or artistic and include items made with fabric, wood, metal, shabby, carved, painted, hammered, woven, ...