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Home Décor

.. is about a holistic approach to creating your home, a sanctuary for you to recharge in, be at peace, be inspired, comfortable, enjoy living … especially nowadays!

To start, lighting and color makes a huge difference when it comes to designing an interior with the right balances depending upon the purpose for which a particular space is set up. Lighting in the living room would be very different from lighting in the office or kitchen. When it comes to reading or working with one's hands, more blue light is better for alertness and to be able to see details very clearly. When relaxing, socializing or watching movies, more red or warmer light creates a much more relaxing atmosphere with the appropriate luminosity. Our lamps will enhance the latter.

Beyond lighting, there's a need for storing your library of books, various collectibles, add green living accents such as potted plants or add texture and color to otherwise plain white walls that are so standard in modern homes and apartments. Here's where you'll begin to find rustic options for your own personal Shangri-la. Add warmth and rugged character to your dwelling with recycled wood and iron pipe shelving, cabinets and displays, nature theme prints, and other decorative nuances, …

The array of alternatives to commonplace interior décor that stand the test of time will perpetually grow and evolve here. Be sure to check back frequently or sign up for our occasional newsletter to be pleasantly surprised.

~ Be Good to Each Other ~

We take pride in our handmade thus sustainable products. This human element is what sets up apart from mass-production! Handmade products are very likely to vary to some degree in color, texture, material, size or weight. Variations and imperfections are a normal part of crafting and are not considered flaws.

 Products are inspected before they are shipped.

console dining table with three stools
rustic dark wood bar stool
wine cabinet for 9 bottles and more storage
ornate hanging towel rack with basket
aquamarine blue green painted wood and metal fish shaped stool
three flower shaped wood side tables
ornately woven seagrass iron framed chair
rectangular wall mirror with wire basket
two fish shaped wooden stools
cross luminary - recycled metal
round brass framed mirror
six framed fern prints protected by glass
round ottoman made from rush
two nested triangle tables with rattan tops
tropical themed wall art expressed with pressed metal
tiered wood and iron display of four shelves
antique metal wall light with brass finish
9 in stock
pendant light - glass globe
metal pendant lamp with glass cover
tall wall mounted minibar with mesh wire doors
rustic rectangular hanging pendant light
wall mirror oval shape with metal frame
two metal side tables with glass mirror tops
two woven bamboo plant stands with natural and black design
bamboo framed mirror rectangle in portrait orientation
giraffe paper towel holder
hanging wall mirror with brass frame and rope detail
208 results