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Live Plants

One of the most important elements that will immediately enhance the atmosphere and imbue a relaxing energy in your home is the quiet presence of living plants.

There is just something soothing about their hues of green splendor, sometimes accented with a delightful exotic colors that resonate with a calming on one's soul. While they don't sing and dance and make noise, they remind us subconsciously of how life will inevitably thrive if given a supportive environment and nutrients - all without any strife at all.

.. what better way to build a supportive atmosphere for you, esp. when coming home after a long day!


The plants we carry have enjoyed Rhônya's loving touch, nurturing them to maturity which includes repotting, adding fertilizer, treating the soil so it keeps the right amount of moisture and making sure this green wonder is healthy before it travels from our home to yours ...

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neon pothos lime green close up
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variegated pothos plant close up
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peperomia tricolor top down view
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Variegated red prayer plant - close up
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