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Neon Pothos Plant - Ready to Hang

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Epipremnum aureum

The variegated Neon Pothos is a common house plant known for its hardiness and stunning leaf color. It comes from French Polynesia and thrives on islands such as Tahiti and Moorea.

With its awesome variegated leaves are quite attractive and hardy (read: hard to kill) with colors that hint from darker green, to gold and almost white on an ombre leaf. It's great especially with people who do not have a lot of time for house plant care. The Neon pothos brings a lot of color to any space be it a home or office. An indoor tropical plant that thrives in indirect sun or fluorescent lights. In its natural habitat it can grow to heights of 20 feet or more while spreading out over large areas on the florest floor.

It is planted in a premium organic soil mix and an elegant white honeycomb design hanging planter basket with drainage hole. There's no need for repotting - it's ready to hang and display. This planter is made of durable recyclable plastic with high-strength adjustable nylon rope, and is much lighter than other flower pots.

  • Planter dimensions: ⌀25.5cm x 12.3cm ~ ⌀10in x 4.7 in
  • Indoor or sheltered outdoor use
  • Keep indoors with bright or direct sunlight at room temperature (65-80°F). Avoid drafts, vents, and temperature extremes.
  • Water thoroughly when soil is dry to touch - (Root and stem rot, caused by a fungus, create discolored leaves and eventually kill the plant. This issue usually comes from overwatering.)
  • Misting or placing the plant in higher humidity benefits your pothos and reduces how often it needs watering
  • Neon Pothos is a light feeder. A liquid balanced fertilizer once per month is enough during Spring and Summer
  • A pothos requires very little maintenance. Prune back when it becomes leggy or kept at a desired size
  • Wipe the leaves down with soft cloth and a combination of neem oil, water and non-toxic dish detergent monthly to remove any dust and reduce the risk of pest infestations
  • After removing the leaf closest to the stem, stick the bottom of the stem in water. It’s best to use distilled or purified water and avoid chlorine or fluoride oft found in tap water. If you use this method, it will typically take about a month until you start seeing roots. You can then pot the young plants in regular potting soil.
  • When transplanting, use an organic mixture containing peat moss, or coconut coir to retain soil moisture when planting neon pothos. Airy soils can absorb and filter water better than standard outdoor dirt.
  • If you want slow growth by placing the plant in a cool location. Cooler temperatures will stunt its growth without harming it.


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Treat the plant as toxic to be on the safe side. That goes for humans as well as for cats and dogs. It's best to keep the plant out of reach of pets and children especially.

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