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“Magic exists.

Who can doubt it when there are rainbows and wildflowers, the music of the wind and the silence of the stars? Anyone who has loved has been touched by magic. It is such a simple and such an extraordinary part of the lives we live.” ― Nora Roberts

Welcome to ...

Bella Bohemian Life & Style

Bella Bohemian is a Souq Boutique of ever-changing eclectic artisanry from across the globe. We pride ourselves in procuring treasures of texture, color and form which not only express the uniqueness of Your being but help You create a sanctuary atmosphere for years to come.

Ecological awareness is the future and as such, we carry an increasing number of sustainably crafted treasures.

We practice awareness, balance & benevolence …

Make Your Joy Complete & Shop with Us!


Who are these people?

Bella Bohemian was founded in 2005 by my wife Rhônya out of her NYC apartment where she started making Boho necklaces using eclectic materials from the nearby Birds of Paradise bead shop. She was overjoyed by vivid, brilliant colors and textures of exotic materials and weaved these along with her Brazilian heritage into pieces of art. These handmade expressions were later admired and in high demand once seen at classy social events.

When she met the nutjob she now calls her husband and moved to California to be with him, they worked together to enhance the business by building a professional web site and eventually expanded by adding home décor products that would bring joy to many.

This site is more akin to an eclectic boutique or souq with a variety of Bohemian lifestyle goods than an average local store. You never know what you might find while it's available and in flux!

How they met is a tale for another campfire ...

Do let us know how we can help and what you're looking for: use the chat bubble or write ...

Love ~
Rhônya & Detlev

Family Time ...

Trestle Dining Room Set

Relax, enjoy good food & wine, all while spending quality time with family and friends.

This is the perfect set for the upcoming holidays!


Nirvana Cloud Sofa Collection

Ease into this sofa and expect to leave all your worries behind!

It is so easy to snuggle up in this masterpiece as it feels like falling into a soft, puffy cloud ... don't think about anything. Just be with your loved ones and let this very moment take over.


Gateway to Another World

Even a gateway needs something to rest on, especially when you consider its sheer size ~ weight …

Unless your wall has a 300 lbs weight capacity, you need one of these ...

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