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Welcome to ...

Bella Bohemian Life & Style

Welcome to ...

Bella Bohemian Life & Style

Envision your home as a sacred space, an idyllic place to find peace, grounding and rejeuvination. Else how can one possibly appreciate the magic of any moment if the mind is in turmoil and the body stressed?

We help you create such a place with ambient lighting, color, texture and purposeful treasures from home decor to jewelry.

Once the inner world has a chance to be filled with light, it cannot help but radiate ...

~ Be Happy, Love Life & Live to Love ~

The Essence of Life


In its absence we quickly realize its importance.
Likewise when harnessed by wavelength and intensity,
it can summon the atmosphere you need.

Levels of Energy


Our inner being resonates with color,
from low to high frequency
and can be harnessed
for activity or rest.

Feel your World


Touch is a way of connecting
with the phenomenal world,
and if done with gentleness,
restores Oneness.

An Experiment of Spirit


Essence expressed in corporeal form
to experience individuality.



A locale for either exploration of inner and outer terrain or for recharging vis-à-vis tranquility & meditation practice.

Living from the Heart - HOW TO

Living from the Heart - HOW TO

Love starts by looking inward, taking a truthful look at one’s self and seeing what is within. Just see, don’t judge. We have strengths, aptitudes, weaknesses, shortcomings: but that is who you are. Accept all of it. Then simply work on the areas that need development or transmutation even. It’s that simple. You live by your own standard. It is not your place to judge others; it is your place to develop yourself. Accept yourself in that process – be love and hence have the inner depth to love others as well.
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Perspective from an Astronaut

Perspective from an Astronaut

Thoughts on self-isolation. Is it really all that bad?

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Business is merely a subset of Life

Business is merely a subset of Life

So come and visit, peruse her journey of interviews, cooking, photography, art, and maybe show some love ... https://bella.bluelf.me
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Young woman content at home among shabby decor and plants

What would help you?

The point to all this is not the peddling of mere wares for people to accumulate and thereby contribute to more global resource depletion and eventually waste, but to provide you with long-lasting design elements ...
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interior lighting color texture example

Creating a Home that Resonates

The elements of designing one's dwelling simply involves space, light, color, material, scent and the integration of living accents. Only you know what resonates with you, what relaxes you, what recharges you ... if not, that's OK, too.

After all, life is discovery and learning about the world and very importantly, about ourselves and our place in this universe!

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Artificial green leaves plant in head shaped vase

A Thriving Life with Plants: Botanica

We're very excited to offer a whole new dimension in creating your sanctuary and hope you'll join us in the lifestyle of creating ...

For starters, we're making artificial plants available as these are the easiest to care for while creating at least the illusion of a lush and colorful living environment. Ideally, they may be great for ...

  • shops
  • show windows
  • rental property models
  • vacation homes
  • hotels
  • .. your home


Create a lush bouquet that enhances the interior of any room
and allow a person to feel right at home.

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