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Papeterie aka Stationery

The French word Papeterie means stationery!

In this new line of paper goods I passionately express a love for things that are hand-designed in-house with thoughtfulness, care and beautiful presentation. These items are individually handmade and combined with other curated cute little accents that I absolutely adore and find irresistible, conveniently packaged for you!

These kits & packs contain all you need for beautiful gift packaging and tagging without having to look anywhere else. Your gifts will stand out whereas the recipient will know how much you care. Because when you give, you share a part of yourself as well as the little gestures that are then most remembered.

Our Papeterie Collection is guided by our concept of zero waste with the simple intent to recycle and repurpose esp. paper products and affordably pass them on to you because that just makes sense.

Remember we don't mass-produce anything as we have an ecology first approach. There's something so rewarding about seeing it finally pop up in our shop, ready for the world! The goal is always to keep the shop active, interesting and fresh, and to offer products that are reasonably made and priced -- both for the environment and buyers.

Thank you for choosing Bella Bohemian Papeterie!


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farmhouse rustic black scissors with three balls of jute twine with Bella Bohemian branded labels
1 in stock
vintage style farmhouse scissors shown packaged
1 in stock
packages of 10 festive gift tags and 15 rolls of Washi tapes
1 in stock
3 wrapped papeterie packs including gift tags, snowflakes favor bags, watercolor cards and glassine envelopes
2 in stock
Stationery pack set of confetti, Christmas resealable bags, Washi tapes and gift tags
1 in stock
wrapped packages of Christmas favor bags, gift ribbons, gift tags and eiffel tower confetti
3 in stock
kit of 60 romantic gift tags of different shapes, hemp string, ribbon and Pink Japanese Sunny Doll Pen in gift box
1 in stock
package of skinny abstract gift tags by Bella Bohemian
1 in stock
package of abstract colorful gift tags
1 in stock
silver luxe glitter gift cards, white hang tags, German cotton spun mushrooms, metallic glitter bakers twine, plastic wrapped standing in gift box
1 in stock
stationery kit with gift tags, linen ribbon, clothespins, glassine envelopes in a gift box, individually wrapped
1 in stock
Kraft gift tags, cotton canvas tags, scalloped gift tags, jute twine, wood clothespins, plastic wrapped standing in gift box
1 in stock
abstract confetti and gold foil gift tags, white gift tags, mini envelopes, Japanese doll pen, Japanese washi tape, plastic wrapped standing in a Thank You gift box
1 in stock
confetti and gold foil gift cards, white gift tags, mini envelopes, Japanese washi tape, Japanese sunny doll black pen all plastic wrapped, standing in a gift box
1 in stock