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Illumination to set the Mood

For now, there is purpose in the duality of day & night, light & darkness.

We take in light even more deeply as our plant neighbors since what we perceive as the result has effects upon mind, emotion and spirit! Does this not beg the question about whether our surroundings have a healthy influence?

Light inspires Life, it allows Life to THRIVE.


Darkness on the other hand allows for both introspection and rest. During this time, activity and movement is halted in favor of our inner being such as during meditation.


The presence of light at the proper luminance will have a huge effect on the feeling in a given space and its décor and make the difference between a relaxing or romantic atmosphere versus a productive one.


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raw metal table lamp with glass chimes
shabby chic table lamp with scalloped shade
metal base and shade desk lamp
brass finish floor lamp with three legs and rattan shade
table lamp with sculpted base and galvanized lamp shade
Sold Out
rectangular table lamp with painted wooden base
table lamp with round metal base and perforated shade
tall turned banister lamp
wire sphere sconce or wall mounted lamp
mounted wall light with pulley
carved wooden base lamp with antique metal shade
table lamp with round wooden base and black and gold shade
antique gold metal table lamp with leaf accent
metal table lamp with pulleys as cable guides
antique gold floor lamp with metal shade
Sold Out
antique metal wall light with brass finish
antique brass finish table lamp
antique brass goose neck table lamp with enamel base and shade