Please note that it can take up to 24 hours after the package is dropped off for tracking information to appear in USPS' tracking system. You can track your shipping status via, or just use the provided tracking number.

Orders are usually processed and shipped the next day, but may take 2-3 business days to process in busy seasons.

In the event the Bohemians go on vacation, we'll post a note on the site before we leave to let you know about when your order can be expected to be processed and shipped.

Orders may be delayed because of item availability, credit card verification issues or shipping service delays e.g. during holiday seasons, strikes, national emergency, and Acts of God. These are worst-case scenarios and as such, they are rare.

We will contact you via email or phone, if you provided that information during checkout or in your profile, if we have either questions or issues with your order.

Shipping Methods - USA


Shipping Methods - International (190 Countries)

With international orders we have no idea (.. is shipment tracking honored in your country ..?) how long it'll take to get a package via plane to a yak to a cave in the Himalayas ... <SMILE> all joking aside, delivery to foreign countries depends entirely on how modern & efficient local processes are. We trust that shoppers from each country know what to expect.