Express Yourself with Your Home Décor

Decorative elements are inspiring points of interest sparsely place in and around a space in order to add nuanced character, express and inspire. These may even have symbolic subconscious significance that help ground you with a feeling of familiarity and spiritual resonance.

Purposely we've procured sculptures, paintings, holiday decor, faux plants, wall hangings, pots and planters and vases ... where the latter even bring in additional life energy when filled with living plants. It's now up to you to see which energies to sorround yourself with …

Lighting and color will make a difference when it comes to designing an interior with the right balances depending upon the purpose for which a particular space is set up. When it comes to reading or working with one's hands, more blue light is better for alertness and being able to see details very clearly. When relaxing, socializing or watching movies, more red or warmer light creates a more relaxing atmosphere with the appropriate luminosity. Our lamps will enhance the latter.

The array of alternatives to commonplace interior décor that stand the test of time will perpetually grow and evolve here. Be sure to check back frequently or sign up for our occasional newsletter to be pleasantly surprised.

~ Be Good to Each Other ~

We take pride in our handmade thus sustainable products. This human element is what sets up apart from mass-production! Handmade products are very likely to vary to some degree in color, texture, material, size or weight. Variations and imperfections are a normal part of crafting and are not considered flaws. Studio photography lighting, slight measurement and weight variances are possible. Your viewing device may display colors differently than in real life.

 Products are inspected before they are shipped.


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