Rhônya Obst

Rhonya Obst - Founder of Bella Bohemian in 2005I grew up in Belo Horizonte, the capitol of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. Formed by colonists who searched for gold, gems, and diamonds, Minas Gerais was relatively isolated from European influence, which added to the huge influx of gold and other valuable minerals in the area and helped the local people develop their own styles of art. Just as my hometown did back in the 18th century, I have found my own artistic style which is expressed through jewelry design with the utmost respect for both our natural environment as well as artisan craftsmanship.

I founded Bella Bohemian as a hobby in 2005 from my New York City apartment, during which time I was also working as a hostess at trendy parties in Manhattan and the Hamptons where I was surrounded by beauty, fashion and amazing people.

My adventure began as I kept passing by a shop called Beads of Paradise. With each passing by, I became more intrigued by the colors and gypsy designs displayed in the show window also reminiscent of Balinese art. It wasn’t long before I started taking a class in bead work, which was so fun and exciting because the colors of the beads mixed all together was simply fascinating. I felt that “colors make people smile, and help lift spirits, making you feel warm, happy and beautiful.” As my passion for creating jewelry kept growing, I started to create a few gorgeous pieces for myself at the same time, people started to ask where I got this jewelry? I was proud to be able to say that I had made them.

As interest in my jewelry grew, orders started coming in like crazy and I saw myself working double in parties and making jewelry until late into the night. And would you believe I didn’t even have business cards nor a web site yet? Now I was placing orders for more materials, visiting the bead stores, making sure the orders were delivered on time, setting up appointments with clients, etc. Word of mouth spread quickly because my jewelry is a unique, one-of- a-kind style, with fine creativity and intriguing details in each of the pieces. “Especially while working as a hostess in parties, many times I felt so sleepy that I began to realize that it was time to focus on designing jewelry full-time.” Most of my inspiration came from people and places observed in everyday life. For example, while traveling, being aware of what women and men were wearing and buying, and paying special attention to cultures and trends in this environment. All of this helped in my creative process.

I design pieces based on what I see in my current surroundings. “As a designer nothing makes me happier than to see someone wearing my jewelry. It’s such an honor that someone loves a piece that I made! I want the jewelry I design to be beautiful, bold, vogue and colorful with huge varieties, for each person...”

Its purpose is to inspire and make you feel beautiful — some pieces are made for those who are not afraid to be different and don’t care to follow trends, but instead, set their own trends. It’s “wear what you like” as way to express yourself and stand out from the crowd and don’t let anyone dictate how you should wear anything. Just be and live in the moment, always in your own unique way and BE happy.

One of my clients commented that my jewelry never looks the same twice. I took it as a compliment because I’m able to create pieces for people out of all different walks of life, because we are all different people.

After many more months of hard work, I had my first website built and started to participate in trunk shows, fashion and other designer events as well as continuing my classes in jewelry design and crafting. Today Bella Bohemian is a symbol of playful elegance, free spirit and most importantly, environmentally responsible fair-trade.

Welcome to Bella Bohemian ~


PS: Come visit me on my personal blog https://bella.bluelf.me ... 
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