Why don't you offer discounts or sales?

It's not part of our ethos. Sales and discounts are emotionally manipulative. We don't want you to buy from us because you got a discount but because you feel that it will add benefit and value to your life, your style, sense of self-expression, your home.

Bella Bohemian prides itself in offering only items of true quality at already reasonable prices.


Do you offer returns?


Consider however, since handling returns is extra work for both you and us, we'd recommend you pay close attention to each product's details i.e. the materials used, dimensions, care for each product, and click on each image to see it in vivid detail. Photos are in high resolution to provide a reasonably accurate representation of what you'll receive. If you're ever uncertain before a purchase, we're only a phone call or email away.


Why are you using Metric measurements?

Have you ever tried building something using measurements such as feet, elbows, cubits, fingers and inches ... ? All joking aside, what's easier to read:

2.31cm x 15.28cm x 9.13cm  versus  2 5/16" x 15 9/32" x 9 1/8" 

Lastly, the US is about the only country in the modern world to use the old imperial system, whereas the metric system is a global standard. Therefore we'll be moving towards the global standard.

Quick Reference
1cm = 0.39"
1g = 0.035oz

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