Can I trust You?

That's for you to decide. We started in 2005 and have many happy customers who purchased from us while we entertained trunk shows and social events in NYC, street fairs and farmers markets in San Diego, and now we focus our time and efforts online. You can also see our customer feedback. We can be reached by various means listed on our Contact page if you have any questions at all.


Can I make payments?

Absolutely. We thought about how we might make shopping even easier for you, to afford things that are necessary or just nice to have ... More Info.


Why are you using Metric measurements?

Lastly, the USed building something using measurements such as feet, elbows, cubits, fingers and inches ... ? All joking aside, what's easier to read:

2.31 cm  x 15.28 cm  x 9.13 cm 
- OR -
2 5/16" x 15 19/32" x 9 7/16" 


Lastly, the US is about the only country in the modern world to use the old imperial system, whereas the metric system is a global standard. Therefore we'll be moving towards the global standard.

Quick Reference
1cm = 0.39"
1g = 0.035oz

In addition to many tape measures and rulers including both metric and imperial measurements, Google has a tool online that's very easy to use. Simply google "google unit conversion".


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