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Why are no products showing?
.. or specific product found by search engine …

If that's the case then you're probably browsing our site from a country we don't ship to. In addition, we don't ship → export items such as heavy furniture, at least for now. Though if you see something that you really like and money is no object, then please reach out and I will do what I can to make it happen.

You can change your country's default currency to ($) USD —top right of screen— and thereby see our products anyway. If there's something you really like, reach out to us and we'll see what we can do to accommodate. After all, where there's a will, there's a way.


Are you really open 24 hours?

Since the store is online you can browse & shop all day, all night, every day. However if you have questions and would like to interact directly, you can contact us via phone or chat between sunrise to sunset relative to our timezone: Eastern Time (EST ~ UTC-5). Emails are usually answered within a day all things considered. Our aim is to spend quality time with you.


Do you ever have Sales?

Our pricing is a balancing act between providing reasonable value and supporting our existence as wife & husband team. Beyond ourselves, we support artisans, locally and internationally whose skill brings You long-lasting quality with individual character that is well worth the investment both in them and in yourselves.

From time to time our suppliers may provide us with short-term incentives. In these cases, we will pass their reduction to us on to you and our site will show a temporary price decrease. These happen once in a blue moon.

Long story short, we already offering FREE shipping … no games.


Are Payments Secure?

Yes, since as a merchant we use the Shopify platform to host our site, payment gateways are PCI compliant (aka PCI DSS: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).


Can I place orders over the phone?

All orders need to be placed through our website. That way, we receive your information entered accurately and securely, and we're assured of the correct spelling of all details. After all, you'd want to receive your order as quickly and smoothly as possible?!


Can I make incremental payments?

Yep, we've got you! We offer Klarna and Shop Pay payments services that will present itself as an option later during checkout. This should make shopping more convenient for you ...


Can I cancel an order?

It is possible to cancel an order in the time window (likely shorter than 2 hrs) between order submission and forwarding the order to a given warehouse. 


Why is your Return Policy so Short?

As soon as we heard a report about people buying big screen TVs just to return them after SuperBowl weekend or return dead Christmas trees after Christmas, we were quite inclined against any return policy. Realizing that would be an extreme, we felt that if there is a substantial problem with a product, then a customer will tell us right away. Hence we feel that 14 days is a kindness that supports those with legitimate needs.


I don't see any alternative Shipping Options …?

Not to worry: shipping depends upon the product and which warehouse it's shipping from. We've listed a simple explanation, as simple as one can make it, on our Shipping Page. Or just reach out and ask.


How can I reach you with Questions?

We can be reached in a number of different ways listed on the Contact page and the footer of every page.

We look forward to meeting You —use any method you're comfortable with.


Note these contact methods are strictly for customer inquiries NOT for any type of solicitation for services or products!