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The presenting of a gift to another has always been one of the most rewarding experiences in life throughout antiquity to today, especially when done without expectation.

In essence, giving is one form of the sharing of one's self with another. In so doing, we express our love, appreciation and perhaps random acts of kindness, whether there be an occasion or not. And it doesn't always have to be something so grandiose as the Taj Mahal ...

According to Homer, the concept of a duty to be kind and generous to your fellow beings was a force for social good, and helped maintain order.

Giving is a sign of grace expressed from one's life, bringing kindness even to strangers.


life magazine from may 1966 showing Jacqueline Kennedy on a white horse
1 in stock
life magazine from september 1964 showing Sophia Loren in a white dress
1 in stock
small hanging note roll with brass finish
antique German sewing kit with two scissors a pin cushion and pink ribbon
1 in stock
4 felt santa wine toppers with wispy beards
4 felt santa wine toppers with curly hats
three painted wood fish wall art
giraffe paper towel holder
antique silver plated cocktail forks with tarnished look
1 in stock
medium size hanging note roll with brass finish
three square wood and metal table top risers
4 rustic iron cow bells hanging on rope
three painted wood fish wall art
rotating wall mounted towel or scarf rack
three round wood and wire riser displays
rustic coat rack that swivels
three painted wood fish wall art
three rectangular curved wooden serving dishes in decreasing size
large hanging note roll with brass finish
hammered metal blue octopus orange yellow tentacles wall hanging
three woven seagrass baskets hanging from metal rack on wall
two woven bamboo plant stands with natural and black design
three cutting board risers
set of 3 jewelry stands with mirror base
clay sun face with leaves blowing in the wind
antique printers tray made of wood
autumn holiday wreath
painted metal angel or fairy queen with golden wings
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