Balance and Focus of Energies

Balance and Focus of Energies

After 13 years in the corporate world I'd finally come to resolve my inner conflict. Hence on the 17th of May, I finally left Hotel California and took my life back! I am grateful for the good, but I’m also done.

While employment certainly provides for one's livelihood, spending a large portion of one's life in the artificial and contrived corporate environment hugely impacted my well-being. My inner core finally revolted so as to free up my spirit to re-engage with a vibrant life of exuberance. I am sick and tired of going to work, sit there sluggish, unmotivated and depleted, only to come home feeling like my life has been sucked out of me.

Ever shovel sand at the foot of a sand dune?!

I am happiest when I can take the bike out for a ride, spend quality time with my wife, friends, family or someone I just met on the road. I want to travel, explore, engage my creative spirit and experience this life! I want a life of Flow. If anything, to provide for my wife and myself, we are better off running our own business by determining what we can contribute and perpetually grow and share that growth along the way.

Now I can finally rebalance and refocus my energies ... it starts with taking out moments of presence and simply be. I have learned that all my life I’ve done it all wrong ... allowing the world to influence the inside. Now I focus on the inside and let that shine outward.

In short, I am undergoing a complete RESET and taking time out for myself before fully dedicating myself to our lives, our business and how we'll sojourn on from here ...

Apropos reset, you may get some illumination from Joe Dispenza’s vid. His insight into how we create our own counterproductive mental cycles and how to break out of that cycle was helpful for me. 


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