Our Worldview

Life is about the simplicity of our unique experience, learning, creativity and transformation as a benevolent, thriving human being. Bella Bohemian LLC is an ever evolving vision, a lifestyle of advocating life experience that comes from an inner place of joyous human grace and dignity that supersedes a mere intellectual approach of any one ideology or culture, expressing itself with artistry and flair in various aspects of our lives.

One might call that adding some magic to our lives.

None of the above is possible unless one creates a balanced life of holistic well-being. The only way I am aware of creating the life that I want for example is to start with meditation to first align and raise the vibration of my inner world, then be in a proper state, e.g. peace, clarity, compassion, to relate to the outer world. The next step is to be physically fit ... walking, riding the bicycle, swimming, hiking, ... these work for me. You find yours. Proper nutrition and rest support our corporeal being. These things are foundational.

Once the basics are met, I find that the human spirit seeks to express itself in some meaningful perhaps even profound way by engaging in a purposeful endeavor. A subject about which many a story has been told and many books have been written … we may touch on this in our journal in the future.

Short of that, we look into presenting ourselves to the world from a place of self-worth and dignity by taking care of oral health, fashioning our hair, using some makeup, choosing certain styles of clothing, jewelry, … hence we embellish ourselves in ways that express, with a little added magic, who we are.

Adding further enjoyment to our lives is the transforming of our home into the kind of sanctuary that goes beyond four walls and a roof by adding colorful home décor, cultural accents and textures that make our abode more special, cozy, relaxing, even inspiring and healing.

Along the way, our lovingly handmade boho jewelry expresses the unique individual you are. Tea towels and other kitchen accessories will help you out in the kitchen while our growing assortment of home décor embellishes otherwise empty spaces with shape, texture, color and life. Lastly, our painstakingly handmade selection of papeterie or stationary will let your friends and family know how much you care when they receive your gift wrapped so extraordinarily.

Over time we will be adding products for you by evolving our inventory all with one goal in mind: to enhance your lives with artistic and living accents that delight and inspire ...

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We only write when we have something to say ~

Our endeavor is to make Your joy complete.