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Bella Bohemian App

Bella Bohemian App

After some time of having an online web app available, we're not convinced of its usefulness and have hence taken it offline. It's so much better to keep the site as simple and streamlined as possible.


To make shopping even easier and faster, we now have an app (PWA) that you can install on your android or iPhone when you visit our home page with such a device. Once installed, you'll see our familiar, Peony wreath BB logo on your phone's home screen. In case you're low on resources, it's just as easy to uninstall.

Bella Bohemian app icon

Accessing our content is no longer limited by internet speeds but only by the speed of your mobile device. That will make for an even smoother and quicker shopping experience. 

Just pick what you want, make a payment, zip zip and you're done!

Brilliant, if I must say so myself ~

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