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Artificial green leaves plant in head shaped vase

A Thriving Life with Plants: Botanica

We're very excited to offer a whole new dimension in creating your sanctuary and hope you'll join us in the lifestyle of creating ...

For starters, we're making artificial plants available as these are the easiest to care for while creating at least the illusion of a lush and colorful living environment. Ideally, they may be great for ...

  • shops
  • show windows
  • rental property models
  • vacation homes
  • hotels
  • .. your home


Create a lush bouquet that enhances the interior of any room
and allow a person to feel right at home.

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dark forest with bright sunlight ahead ~ hope of getting through covid era

COVID-19 Update

We hope that you are well and stay that way
— we're all in this together, doing the best we can!

In the meantime, it is also our hope to bring some rustic goodness, function, color and good cheer to your homes with the products we have available for you.
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wall hanging minibar

2020 Late Summer Decor Ideas

Other than that, all we could do is limit our exposure, keep fit, eat and rest well, and do something productive such as take some online classes, clean up and redecorate our home in order to transform it into more of a sanctuary. After all, we'll be spending more time here.

On that front, we're happy to share with you our new rustic home decor items, many of which will likely last so long they'll see your great grandchildren.

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Chic ActiveWear

Chic ActiveWear

Especially in today's hectice lifestyles, no need to think too much about what to wear. The activewear sets either match already, or you mix and match and get on with your day and be ready to face anything.
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Bella Bohemian App

Bella Bohemian App

To make shopping even easier and faster, we now have an app for you ...
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Bella Bohemian logo

Google Shopping

We very excited to announce that our products can now also be found on Google Shopping!
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Bella Bohemian NEW logo

Thrilled about our new logo!

After a bit of brain-storming, playing around and getting some feedback, we've finally got our new logo design to share with the world.

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Wreath of flowers on dark wood background labeled "Happy Spring"

Migrating our shop ...

It is such a joy to find a new path, a better outlet for one's expression, ...
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