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round jute rug with white pattern

In case You need to warm up areas in Your Home ahead of colder months ~ Rugs are a Perfect Solution

Aesthetic & Warmth ~ Area Rugs

Depending on their use, cotton & wool rugs are great for living areas that You want to warm up, while jute rugs are great for entry ways, patios and work spaces. Some folks even stack rugs be it for visual effect or added insulation.

As far as craftsmanship, these rugs could hardly come from a better set of hands. Made in India according to 2000-year-old tradition, these master pieces are painstakingly handmade with utter attention to rhythm and detail, one strand of fiber at a time! Some of the rugs are tufted, which means they'll have a three dimensional look and feel across your floor.

Please be aware that at the time of this writing, all of our new rug collection ships, with tracking, directly from India to You and will take about 10-12 days. Order as early as you can, let life flow, and you'll have them before you know it.

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