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International Shipping Service Disruptions & Impacts

International Shipping Service Disruptions & Impacts

At the time of this writing, international shipping among countries such as North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand are OK.

No matter who you shop with, if you live abroad, you may want to look into whether there are any shipping problems at the time of your order so you know what to expect.

According to the USPS (United States Postal Service), there are service disruptions to a multitude of countries because of minimized flight patterns:

UPS (United Parcel Service) will no longer guarantee service FROM any [source] TO ANY [destination] until further notice:

FedEX (Federal Express) offers their own FAQ about the fact they are continuing to provide their services but at a temporary surcharge:


While we would love to see you continue to shop with us, we understand the times call for a change in priorities and cheerfully encourage our customers to focus on what matters most: your own inner and physical well-being, food, family,  ...

We hope you stay safe and come back to visit us when the time is right.

Blessed Be,
Detlev & Rhônya

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