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Corona Virus Events - Our Perspective

Corona Virus Events - Our Perspective

This too shall pass

We are of the inclination to take things as they come and adjust the best we know how.


Gather reasonable knowledge & resources 

What can we do?

Understand the situation at hand, get educated and gather the necessary knowledge in order to have the means to take rational, responsible, cool headed action.



Pile of books - learn and divert mind towards the beneficial ...

Good Health and Staying that Way

In our case that meant finding out how to stay safe based on credible information gleaned from

I did say glean information, didn't say believe everything you're given. Remember, researchers are still examining this bug and trying to figure out how it works and how to crack it!


Case in point ...

Maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing. (Ref: WHO social distance)
Between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet). (Ref: CDC social distance)


Determine for yourself, based on your health and criteria mentioned in the above references, what courses of action, esp. regarding your health, are most appropriate for you.



Our Preparations

We certainly felt very uncertain about this entire ordeal about 6 or so weeks ago, how it might develop, and how we could best prepare, and to what degree? Logically, one can only do so much. So, we gathered a little extra food, various necessities and that in the end brought us some peace. We did what we could, and we did that a bit before people started to frenzy about toilet paper and surgical or N95 masks. In addition to ordering some food online, we don't need to go grocery shopping every week and minimize going outside altogether for the time being.


There are moments when the mind engages in projecting all kinds of fearful horrors onto the event horizon. BUT, how likely are these? And if to come, what can you do?


If aliens are coming, we can kiss our arses good-bye anyway. Anything else which is merely terrestrial, our species will take care of it. We have to!


Do what you can, the rest will happen anyway.



Oh ya, Business

Well, it's not business as usual now, is it? Supply chains have broken down, ours included, not because we're getting our products from China, but because even our Los Angeles warehouse is on lock-down.


Right now, your priorities will likely be to get to a place of inner tranquility which comes from having prepared as much as you can, within reason, and then spending some time in centering and reorienting yourself.


We are by no means privileged.
So if we can do OK, chances are good that you can be OK, too.


The only other thing we can recommend is don't listen to the news everyday, all day, or you'll just be a nervous wreck after a while. Why do that to yourself? Keep informed, and go on with living, even if that means spending time indoors with meditation, books, learning, board games, ...


Spend time with family. Maybe get to know each other ...  {SMILE}



tranquil lake

When this ordeal is over, there's a whole life out there, waiting to be appreciated all anew!


~ Selah


 If you need a little more encouragement, see what Chris Hadfield, a former astronaut, has to say about being isolated.

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