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Let's Put Privacy Concerns to Rest!

Simply Put

Our business is not here to data-mine you, and we certainly will not share or sell Your personal information, if we had any. PERIOD.

Also there's nothing here to opt-out of, other than maybe our newsletter, which people had to opt-in to in order to be subscribed.

We do use cookies so that (1) our site can function properly on your web browser esp. when your session interacts with your shopping cart. (2) We also use traffic analytics (self-hosted on private network, not in the cloud —no one has access other than the two of us) so that we can have an idea whether our products are of interest, whether the site is user-friendly, maybe even learn if there is an inefficiency that needs our attention. In our minds, insights help us build a better experience for you if not also lead to less waste of natural resources!

As a convenience and option we make the creation of an account available to you. You can access Your account anytime to see what info is stored there. You have control over its content and existence. Its purpose is to make checkout more convenient by you not having to type your address.

We work for a living and work hard. We don't profit by taking advantage or by being sneaky. After all, that's not how we want to be treated either. Why would we do that to you?!


I hear so much about privacy that on one hand I think what convolution of utter, unnecessary complexity. Remember that web sites were meant to simply consist of text and images. Today you add a shopping cart. That ought to be the extent of it. Well, that and, like I mentioned, some analytics.

Then I stumble across an article like this: California's Privacy Law is off to a rocky start

The article illustrates how especially big companies give visitors like you the run-a-round when it comes to getting to and controlling Your information, especially now that they're being held accountable.

That's another good reason to do business with us instead!

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