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Artificial green leaves plant in head shaped vase

A Thriving Life with Plants: Botanica

We're very excited to offer a whole new dimension in creating your sanctuary and hope you'll join us in the lifestyle of creating ...

For starters, we're making artificial plants available as these are the easiest to care for while creating at least the illusion of a lush and colorful living environment. Ideally, they may be great for ...

  • shops
  • show windows
  • rental property models
  • vacation homes
  • hotels
  • .. your home


Create a lush bouquet that enhances the interior of any room
and allow a person to feel right at home.

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Corona Virus Events - Our Perspective

Corona Virus Events - Our Perspective

What can we do?

Understand the situation at hand, get educated and gather the necessary knowledge in order to have the means to take rational, responsible, cool headed action.

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