Young woman content at home among shabby decor and plants

What would help you?

This is actually an ongoing question for you to which you are welcome to reach out and let us know anytime.

In an environment that already bombards us all daily with information overload, we tread lightly and send out communications sparingly. Respect, no?

In the meantime, we'd added Halloween Decorations to our offerings as these are part of our human cultural fabric, something that over time I will write more about under the section Seasons of Celebration, that goes back for millennia.

Beyond that, we're in process of adding many chic and robust home decor products ranging from French Country, Shabby Chic to Industrial styles - really anything that has texture, color and character. Our elements are also well-suited for businesses whose identity and functional needs would be served.

The point to all this is not the peddling of mere wares for people to accumulate and thereby contribute to more global resource depletion and eventual waste, but to provide you with long-lasting design elements that facilitate creating the kind of profound home environment which lets you be you to come home to your sanctuary and release and reenergize ☥


2024-02-19 — we no longer carry the Halloween selection mentioned above.

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