Antique Wooden Printers Tray

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This printers tray is going to look so good on your wall! What will you populate it with?

Well, try this:

  • hold a shell collection
  • organize yarn spools
  • add some hooks to facilitate hanging earrings
  • home for toy characters
  • show off your crystal collection ...

approx 31" x 12" H
.. although sizes will vary.

Customer Reviews

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I ordered an item to be given as a Christmas present that was received on December 14th. The recipient of the gift could not use it. I attempted to return it within a week after Christmas and was told this company had a “return within 7 days” policy. This is a terrible way to do business. I try to avoid Amazon to help out the smaller businesses, but attitudes like this make me regret my choice in this case.

To put it succinctly, we work best with people who know what they need. We make a mutual and equitable exchange and we're done; both go home happy. If there's any uncertainty, ask questions before making a purchase. While we appreciate your trust and solidarity towards small business, also keep in mind that as a small business, we have to balance where we spend our time and resources.

The email sent was as vague as it was brief, almost deleted as spam, in part stating 'it is still boxed and unopened'. How can the gift recipient then have determined the product is unfit for use?

Several of our customers purchased products as presents. They're happy as far as I can tell from their reviews.

In the end, it is unfeasable to expect everyone, coming from varied mileues, to be happy.