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Antique Wooden Printers Tray


🌎 Ships to contiguous US only

This printers tray is going to look so good on your wall! What will you populate it with?

Well, try this:

  • hold a shell collection
  • organize yarn spools
  • add some hooks to facilitate hanging earrings
  • home for toy characters, small action figures
  • show off your crystal collection ...

approx 31" x 12" x 2"
.. although compartment sizes will vary.

Given the above dimensions and the number of compartments (14 by 7) in the photo, each compartment would be 2.2" x 1.7" x 2" to give you an idea in terms of usage.

Many handmade items will exhibit variations in color, texture, size and/or material. These variations may be natural or artistic and include items made with fabric, wood, metal, shabby, carved, painted, hammered, woven, ...