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La Tour Eiffel (single) Tea Towel


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Our Love for Paris single Tea Towel is made with 100% heavy white linen, beautifully embroidered with the Eiffel Tower.

One tea towel is accented with an embroidered fuchsia colored Eiffel Tower, and embellished with white hand crocheted around the borders and finished with another layer of hand crocheted in fuchsia color.

The alternative tea towel is accented with a navy blue embroidered Eiffel Tower and hand crocheted with navy blue around the borders and finished with delicate hand crocheted details.

These towels are luxuriously and beautifully handmade, exclusive for our new Bella Bohemian Good Living collection, designed especially for those who are looking for uniqueness and wanted to add an unexpected decorative touch to their kitchen and refinement to your home.

These tea towels get softer after multiple washings though they are made to last which therefore helps you save money and natural resources.

Each piece of this collection has our own custom tag attached to ensure the quality one would expect from the Bella Bohemian name. Made in Brazil.

Size: 38cm x 61cm (15" x 24")

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