Life Magazine - September 18, 1964 - Sophia Loren

Life Magazine Sophia Loren in her new villa. September 18,1964 this issue of Life Magazine covered the love story between Italian film producer Carlo Ponti and Sophia Loren. On the day they married - by proxy in Mexico 1957 Carlo promised to Sophia “ the most beautiful house in the world.” It has taken him seven years do deliver, but that’s the way with dream houses: they take time. Beautiful photos in 06 pages illustrating they love for each other and the home. Inside you will find colorful ads and interesting articles and photos of the era 1960s.

NOTE: The magazine is in very good vintage condition, without the mailing sticker of the original owner, in some cases it came off. There are the usual small dents and sometimes a bit of color loss around the edges. In amazing vintage condition, though, given how old the magazine is. It has a musty scent which you would expect for their age.
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