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Rustic Chic Salt & Pepper Cellars


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Rustic Chic Salt and Pepper round cellars, stunningly hand carved by Fijian artisans. In brown and black colors, one shows a hand carved turtle in its cradle, the other is in plain wood inside with a sun pattern around the edges. To add a lovely addition and functionality, we've included 2 mini handmade mother-of-pearl spoons.

This truly unique and carefully crafted set was made with utmost attention to detail to be a perfect addition to any table. It’s made from solid durable and dense treated Fijian wood. Never made using bleach, dyes or chemicals. The stand elegantly with their 4 hand carved wooden feet.

Handmade one at a time in Fiji.

Light Wood
Size Overall: 3.6cm tall x 8cm (⌀) diameter
Cellar dimensions: 1.8cm deep x 5.5cm (⌀) diameter

Dark Wood
Size Overall: 3.3cm tall x 8cm (⌀) diameter; 2.7cm tall x 7.7cm (⌀) diameter
Cellar dimensions: 1.5cm deep x 5.5cm (⌀) diameter; 1.3cm deep x 5.4cm (⌀) diameter

Dimensions: 6.5cm x 1cm x 0.3cm

These make a great hostess and housewarming gifts, also great for those who likes a country chic or farmhouse style.

Please note:
Please take into consideration that these items are handmade. We strive to maintain a consistent design process however, there may be slight variations in sizing and design.

Care Instructions:
Wipe with lightly damp towel inside and out, air dry.

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