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Papeterie Rustic Scissors and Colored Jute Twine Balls - Kit 7


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The scissor's large butterfly hand holes are both elegant as they are functional, still allowing easy access even when wearing gloves. A matte black finish and copper-colored hinge pin give a reminiscent vintage appearance despite these scissors being new. Use the leather hoop to hang them anywhere.

  • 1x This rustic and durable pair of scissors is of vintage style made of black steel. Bonsai scissors are a great addition to your craft room or garden. You can cut paper, strings, threads, etc. The sharp edges will work smoothly in your projects as well as in your garden for example for clipping flowers and snipping herbs.
  • 3x Balls of Natural Colored Jute twine Strings in light green, lavender and light blue (all balls together equate to 20m ~ 21.9yds with a thickness of 2mm)
    This jute twine cord is brightly colored and durable ideal for gift wrapping, string gift tags and weddings. Can also be used as sturdy banner cord. Adds a natural touch to floral arrangements, wreaths,decorations, crafts projects of all kinds and other general needs.

Size: Medium - 6" (15.2cm)

Add a touch of Farmhouse to your décor or use these scissors for your styling kit!

You may need to add a drop of oil around the hinge pin to smooth its movement.