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Mentalism - Tranquility & Clarity

Effects upon Interior Design & Life as a Whole

The Principle of Mentalism, something that I’ve come to internalize as our holistic1 intelligence that goes beyond mere linear intellect, is one of the foundational teachings of the Hermetic tradition. At its core, it suggests that everything in the universe is mental, that the entire universe is an expression of a universal mind. The implications of this principle are vast, but it can be applied in practical ways to our lives including our homes.

Consider a room in your house that you find uninspiring or uncomfortable. You might think that the solution is to change the physical environment, such as rearranging the furniture or changing the color of the walls. However, according to the Principle of Mentalism, the root cause of the discomfort may not be in the physical environment at all, but in your own mind.

For example, perhaps the room is cluttered and disorganized and you find it difficult to focus and feel overwhelmed when you’re in it. By applying the Principle of Mentalism, you might recognize that the clutter and disorganization are actually a reflection of your own mental state. Maybe you feel scattered and unfocused in your life, and this is manifesting in the physical environment of the room.

To address this, you might start by taking a few moments to ease your mind and focus on your breath. Then, begin to declutter and organize the room, one small area at a time. As you do this, allow yourself to feel a sense of clarity and calmness. You might even visualize the energy in the room shifting from chaotic and scattered to serene and grounded.

As you continue to apply the Principle of Mentalism to your home décor, you might start to notice other areas of your life where your mental state is reflected in your surroundings. For example, perhaps you’ve been feeling stuck in your career and you notice that your workspace is uninspiring. By organizing your workspace, adding a few plants and changing the lighting, you might start to feel a renewed sense of focus and creativity in your work.

In essence, the Principle of Mentalism suggests that our external environment is a reflection of our internal state. By taking the time to cultivate inner tranquility, we can transform our physical surroundings with clarity and create a more harmonious and inspiring spaces.



  1. Includes awareness, emotion, cellular intuitive intelligence of the body, energetic resonance, …

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