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How do I find my Interior Décor Style?

What I am going to focus on here, coming from how we look at interior styles, is the design of a home that represents You, not what is popular to the masses. What makes you feel Your best in a given space depends on how You fill your space in order to manifest the right atmosphere, relative to its purpose.
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Mentalism - Tranquility & Clarity

Consider a room in your house that you find uninspiring or uncomfortable. You might think that the solution is to change the physical environment, such as rearranging the furniture or changing the color of the walls. However, according to the Principle of Mentalism, the root cause of the discomfort ...
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Creating a Home that Resonates

The elements of designing one's dwelling simply involves space, light, color, material, scent and the integration of living accents. Only you know what resonates with you, what relaxes you, what recharges you ... if not, that's OK, too.

After all, life is discovery and learning about the world and very importantly, about ourselves and our place in this universe!

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