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Bella Bohemian - Autumn 2018 flyer

Online, at last!

There's still much more work to do, but since perfect does not exist, the site will perpetually evolve over time. 

For now, we offer handmade jewelry, home decor, kitchen accessories and vintage finds. We won't spoil the surprise of what's coming ...

We are here for you and hope you like what we've done with it so far!

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Bella Bohemian NEW logo

Thrilled about our new logo!

After a bit of brain-storming, playing around and getting some feedback, we've finally got our new logo design to share with the world.

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Wreath of flowers on dark wood background labeled "Happy Spring"

Migrating our shop ...

It is such a joy to find a new path, a better outlet for one's expression, ...
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Colorful silk scarf framing Jewelry Affair magazine with featured article

Featured in Jewelry Affaire Magazine

We couldn't be happier with the photography taken by the magazine as well as the quality with which the article was written and every detail laid out.


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